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😄What time does school start and end?

School starts and ends at the following times:
3 and 4 year old morning class - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
3 and 4 year old afternoon class - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - 12:45 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.

😄Where can I park for drop off/pick up?

You must park on McLeod Ave (or in one of the neighbouring bays - Tain Bay, Durness Bay or Halkirk Bay).  Please note that we DO NOT have access to the back parking lot, and any cars parked in the back parking lot may be towed.

😄What door should the children enter in and leave from?

We ask that you please meet at the west door of the school.  This is the door closest to the nursery school class and is by the field. Due to new Covid protocols caregivers will remain outside with their child until a teacher opens the outside door to let the children in. The same protocol will be in place for dismissal. 

😄Once registered, how long am I eligible for a refund?

Each family has 30 days from the date of registration for a full refund.  Once the school year has started one month's notice must be given before withdrawing.

😄What does my child need to bring on the first day of school?

Each child should bring an extra pair of clothes (shirt, pants, underwear and socks) packed in a ziploc bag and labeled with their first and last name.  Each child should also bring a pair of indoor shoes. The extra clothes and indoor shoes will remain at the school for the duration of the calendar year. 

😄Do I need to let the school know if my child is sick or otherwise absent from school?
If your child will not be attending school for any reason please text the teacher at 204-889-0247.

😄Do the children ever spend time outside?

On occasion, our teachers do take the children outside to the play structure which is on the school property.  Our teachers will only take the children outside if and when they feel they are ready and able to listen safely outside of the classroom.

😄Does my child need to bring his or her own snack each school day?

Yes! Each child is responsible for bringing their own snack to class each day. The snack MUST consist of fruits and/or vegetables - NO OTHER snacks will be allowed in class during snack time due to allergies.

😄Do the children ever take part in field trips?

Yes.  There is one organized field trip which takes place in June of each year.  Each student must be transported to and from and accompanied by a parent or guardian during all times throughout the field trip.  Siblings are welcome, however will be subject to any fees associated.

😄I have chosen to volunteer rather than pay the opt out fee.  What does volunteering entail?

At the September parents meeting, parents will have the opportunity to select their volunteer position which will be fulfilled throughout the school year.  Choices are as follows:
  • Board of Directors
  • Housekeeping/Cleaning
  • Events Committee
Once a position is selected, you will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator with further instructions in advance of your commitment.  If families do not fulfill their chosen volunteer position, alternate opportunities may be arranged, but depending on what is available at the time, the volunteer bond payment of $125 may be cashed.

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